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The tuner listens continuously trying to work out what note is being played.
It shows a simple slider that indicates how close to the nearest detected note you are.
The more centered, the better tuned the current note.

An online guitar tuner to help you tune a guitar using your computers microphone. The flash based app helps you tune almost automatically.

"E-A-D-G-B-E" is the order of strings from thickest to thinnest, or from the bottom string to the top.

To use this online tuning application, you do need to allow the Adobe Flash Player access to your microphone.

For a diagram illustrating this tuning sequence with each string's note denoted along with the corresponding tuners see below.

Tune Guitar

In addition the raw frequency (in hz) is shown, as well a chart that shows the autocorrelation function function of the input sound. A red line is drawn on this chart when a "valid" note is heard. This line indicates the wavelength of the overall frequency.

Guitar tuning

Este es uno de los sintonizadores sólo en la web que utiliza el micrófono. Tune your bass or guitar to any tuning with the free online tuner. Online guitar tuner to help you tune a guitar quickly and easily in standard tuning.

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Guitar tunings almost always refers to the pitch of the open ("unfretted") string, though some tunings may only realistically be attained by the use of a capo on an unmodified instrument. Like many other stringed instruments, guitar tunings can be easily modified. When speaking of a tuning such as standard tuning, EADGBE refers to the pitches of the strings from lowest pitch (low E) to highest (high E).

Standard tuning is by far the most popular tuning on a 6-string guitar. It consists of the following notes. String Note Frequency Scientific pitch notation 1 (Highest) e' 329.63 Hz E4 2 b 246.94 Hz B3 3 g 196.00 Hz G3 4 d 146.83 Hz D3 5 A 110.00 Hz A2 6 (Lowest) E 82.41 Hz E2 The pitches referred to above are referenced standard pitch (a' = 440.0 Hz.). In some regions of Europe, especially Germany, Serbia and Poland, and in Russia and Ukraine, where classical musicians use the German system, the B natural is indicated with the letter H: in music notation, H is B♮ (B natural) and B is B♭ (B flat). The guitar, as conventionally fretted, is an equal tempered instrument.